What is Arts Engagement?

At Creative Arts Social, we specialise in educational arts engagement.  In a nutshell, we facilitate people’s understanding and appreciation of visual art, by building relevancy and connection, through the lens of identity.  This encompasses the consideration of identity through culture, gender and belief systems. 

Our work involves the development of art engagement by shifting audience response from observational and passive interaction, to a deeper level of interpretive engagement, using investigative techniques, reflective dialogue and participative tasks.

Our work includes program design and strategy for art galleries and cultural institutions, curated gallery tour events, facilitating panel discussions about the arts and art blogging.  Here are some of the partners we have worked with on art engagement projects.

Creative Art Social’s partners and clients

If you would like to hear more about the work we do, send an email to creativeartzsocial@gmail.com.  To read our interviews click here and to read our blogposts read here.

Creative Arts Social is a not for profit organization. We believe that art is for everyone. We all have the creative potential to understand, connect with and benefit from the arts.