We wanted to introduce you to the latest art blogger to join our team, Kerryn Salter Ertug.  She is a passionate advocate of the arts and has been a long time member of Creative Arts Social, a regular attendee to our events and even volunteered for us behind the camera.  

A bit more about Kerryn

Kerryn is an art pilgrim and history aficionado who travels the world to get her aesthetic fix! While ancient civilizations and painters of the Dutch Golden Age are her first loves, she also follows many international contemporary artists, sculptors and photographers. Around her day job, Kerryn is studying photography, writing, and experiential spatial design for museum spaces. She also enjoys writing poetry, with some of her poems appearing in literary journals.

Kerryn says, ‘being a bit of an introvert (alternating between nomad and hermit), I prefer to hide behind the pen (or keyboard) and a camera lens. On being asked to come up with cultural tourism itineraries for friends (and their friends) visiting Asia, Europe and Australia, Sam Allen highlighted to me that my knowledge and obsessive interests could actually be helpful to a lot more people.  So, I’ve taken up her offer to be a contributor to her website, and her cause. While blogging is a new way of writing for me, I hope to develop a more social ‘voice’ that resonates with other art and history lovers in Singapore who enjoy cultural (and gastronomic) adventures at home and abroad.’

Look out for her first post for us, an art guide for Tokyo.  You can also follow her on her new Instagram profile @artfulrambler.  We are thrilled to have her on board!  

Creative Arts Social is a not for profit organization. We believe that art is for everyone. We all have the creative potential to understand, connect with and benefit from the arts. You can find out more information about the work we do here.  You can read more of our articles here and artist interviews here. Follow us on social media here.


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