Hello everyone,

Welcome to Creative Arts Social’s new blog which, with each new post, will take you on a journey exploring the arts in Singapore and beyond. 

I’m Sam, the founder of Creative Arts Social; a community of arts enthusiasts, artists, hobbyist painters, writers, actors, singers, dancers and sometimes all of the above!

I set up Creative Arts Social in 2014 because I felt there was something missing from the existing art groups in Singapore; a group that enabled people like me to experience the very best of what is going on in the art world and to learn as much as possible about it.   

I am from the creative melting pot that is London and since 2012, when I moved to Singapore, I’ve made it my mission to find the best, underground, free, exclusive, edgy, arts experiences that this city has to offer and have had a wonderful time doing it. 

I’ve wanted to establish a new blog for Creative Arts Social for a while but with the best will in the world, life got in the way. So finally, here we are, ready to share our experiences and art journeys with you! 

It will feature a series of interviews with some of the best artists and art practitioners from Singapore and beyond. We are so lucky to be launching our new blog with Singapore’s first youth poetry ambassador, the incredible Pooja Nansi.

We will also feature guest bloggers from in and around the art world, commentary on some of the big issues in the art world, regular recommendations on what is happening in and around Singapore, invites to our signature events and inside scoops on the best events going on around town, whether we have exclusive VIP access or have discovered hidden gems happening around town, we will let you know all about it here.     

To kick things off, take a peak at the secret side of the art world in Singapore and look out for posts, news and interviews coming soon. Don’t forget to join us on our social media channels too.


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