Cartoons Underground (CU) is Asia’s biggest independent animation festival and it is back this year on 9th November with animators from 80 countries at Kult Yard, Singapore for its eighth edition.

Cartoons Underground’s mission is to make animation and art accessible.  Its loyal following has grown annually from 200 to 1000 since it started, giving Singaporean animators, who are creating world class films, a platform to showcase their talent, alongside international artists.  

Knife Hanging from a Tree by JiHee Nam from South Korea

This year, the programming committee had a record breaking 1,416 entries from around the globe to bring you the very best in independent animated film.  Based around three separate programmes, Look at Us, featuring film makers from North America, Europe and Asia.  The second part of the programme features the best in local student animation from Singapore, which is fast becoming an incubator for a fast developing animation industry and a first for the event.  Last but not least, the third part features five short films by women from the UK, Canada and Europe. 

A Love Letter, Cartoons Underground 2019

This years judges, who include award winning illustrator, Sonny Liew, former Audience Choice award winner, Enge Hue and NTU professor, David Benvenuti will decide which of the titles will be awarded Best Film, Best Director, Best Student Film and Audience Choice Award winner. Many of the films this year are in 2D and hand drawn and the finalists have been chosen because of their great storytelling and directorial vision. 

Kinky Kitchen, Cartoons Underground 2019

Festival Director, Vicky Chen says, ‘Cartoon’s Underground’s growing success mirrors that of Singapore’s animation sector.  The message I want to get across is that Singapore’s greatest natural resource is its talent of highly dynamic and creative people. It’s vital that we invest and develop the industry and we hope to place an integral part of Singapore’s economy.  Personally, I hope our leaders see not just cartoons here, but a huge opportunity to put Singapore on the global map.’ 

Women filmmakers are front and centre at this years event as the team launches a women’s only category for the CU International Prize. What’s more, of the nineteen films featured at the event, thirteen of them are made by female animators this year.  

Cartoons Underground 2018

This is not an event to be missed.  You can get your tickets here. Watch this fantastic trailer, to whet your appetite for Cartoons Underground 2019.

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