To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, the independent voluntary Women in Arts Committee arranged our second BLOOM dinner.

I had a wonderful time co hosting an intimate ‘petal’ dinner for inspirational women working in the arts in Singapore. The intimate setting made it easy for us to all share personal stories and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.  This was followed by a wonderful party that brought several different petal dinner parties together at a secret location at the amazing Edible Garden City (link).

We were entertained there with beautiful classical music from Music and Makan Founder, Beverly Hiong and took part in a group art painting exercise conducted by Julie Michelle Ow, Founder of Canvass.  A truly unique networking evening for women working across all areas of the arts.

BLOOM 2019 (c) Sam Allen

As a member of the Women in Art steering committee which informs the programmes, I think it is so important to be a part of positive communities of women working, collaborating across disciplines and inspiring each other. It was formed (and is part of) Nuwa, along with several other female art founders in Jan 2018 to bring Women in Art together, to create a like-minded network specifically for women working in the creative industries. Since its inception, we have held Bloom 2018, Be Bold Be You, and a focus group to discover what enables and inhibits the progression of women in art in Singapore.

If you would like to read our post for International Women’s Day in 2018, you can read it here.  Or if you are interested in becoming part of this fantastic group, please get in touch.  If you are interested in coming along to one of Nuwa’s networking events, find out when the next one takes place here.

If you’d like to read our artist interviews, look here and more of our blogposts here.

Creative Arts Social is a not for profit organization. We believe that art is for everyone. We all have the creative potential to understand, connect with and benefit from the arts. For more information about the work we do here.  

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