Patricia Cabaleiro is a Brazilian abstract artist based on the Wessex Estate in Singapore. She studied fine arts in Brazil and graphic design in Germany before moving to South East Asia, first to Indonesia and then to Singapore in 2006.  She founded an art school for adults in 2007 and exhibits and runs workshops in Asia and Europe.  She took some time to answer our 20 Questions artist interview below.

1. Three words that best describe you.

Impulsive! Happy and direct. Too direct.

2. Your favourite quote.

‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible’ by Margaret Drabble.

3. What’s your favourite art medium to create something? 

Acrylic. I totally need the therapeutic side of painting and the joy of colours!

4. What do you always carry with you in your handbag/man bag (not keys, wallet or phone)?

Lipstick, of course!

5. Favourite song to sing in the shower?

Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.

6. Best arts venue in Singapore and why?

The Singapore Tyler Print Institute because they experiment and host. And I love paper!

7. What are your 3 favourite desert island discs?

Barry White, Genesis and The Carpenters. God, I’m old!

8. What wrecks inspiration and creativity?

Nothing! The big problem is to choose what to begin with!

9. Name a film or documentary we should all see.

Modern Family TV series – I just love it to unplug.

10. Recommend an (art) book we should all read.  Tell us why?

Art as a Thinking Process: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production published by Sternberg Press.

11. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Sales and accounting.  I can’t tell which one is worse…

12. The greatest thing I have ever done is….

Study art.

Artwork by Patricia Cabaleiro

13. Tell us about a project/collection you’re really proud of and why?

My silkscreen project called Open Your Eyes! Abstract prints of Singapore.

14. What’s your favourite Singaporean dish to eat and why?

Laksa! Though sometimes it is too spicy for me!

15. Best advice for getting rid of procrastination?

If you know, tell me!

16. Who is your favourite Instagram artist?

M. Lazarek

17. Which artist should we be looking out for in Singapore? 

Lydia Janssen.

18. Who are your biggest creative influences?

Cy Twombly, Maria Lassnig, Rauschenberg and Cecily Brown.

19. A place you love to go to (in Singapore ideally) to have some quiet time?

MacRitchie water pier at 7:15pm.

20. Shameless plug for your work or a cause you feel passionately about? is my new project that is going to be launching in December. Stay Khonnected!

Thank you for completing our artist interview Patricia.  You can find out more about Patricia’s work or get in contact with her here.  To read another 20 Questions artist interview, click here.

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